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We have clothes banks at various locations where you can donate clothes and shoes for us to sell at our chairty shops to help the homeless.

Registered Charity

Charity no 1143251
From providing food parcels to schools to supporting parents on low income, the homeless and working in local communities and supporting charities working with children

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AKFC aids the support of economic,social and safe development for children by working with local communities & supporting childrens charities
AK Foundation Charity

AKFC In The Community

Striving to make a real difference in our local community and supporting those who need it.

Disrupted education,lack of qualifications,victims of crime and debts,abuse at home, mental health issues like depression, anxiety. These are all common issues for homeless young people and can drastically affect their success in staying in education and getting a job. Thats where AK Foundation Charity shines providing a lifeline to those who need our valuable services.

The History of our Charity

We are a charity organisation called AK Foundation which was registered in 2011. Number 114325. 


I decided to set up the charity on behalf of my son Aakash Khera. He was brain damaged at birth and has Cerebal Palsy, he was born in 1993 and during the early years of his life he received excellent treatment from Great Ormond St Hospital and therefore we have raised money on many occasions to support the hospital and continue to send them monthly contributions.


Over the past few years I have found that homelessness is such a big factor in todays society. I therefore started feeding homeless people and started providing them clothes, shoes and sleeping bags.


AK Foundation has also helped school children from low income families by providing food parcels to the schools during the holidays. We provided Lilliput nursery and junior school in Iver with food parcels at Christmas for 23 families and would like to continue providing support during the year.

12+Years of Our Charity
1000sRaised for our community

Cerebal Palsy Awareness

All people with Cerebral Palsy have problems with movement and posture. Many also have physical disabilities, seizures as well as other medical disorders. AK Foundation is committed to spread awareness about causes of Cerebral Palsy and support the people who are suffering from disabilities.

What We Do?

Supporting families and children in our local community through difficult times.

AK Foundation Charity (AKFC) is a UK-based organization established in 2011 and registered with the UK Charity Commission (Charity No 1143251).


The charity focuses on economic, social, and safe development for children by collaborating with local communities and supporting child-focused charities. To assist homeless individuals, AKFC provides food, clothing, and emotional support and aims to tackle underlying issues such as mental health problems, educational gaps, and employment challenges.


One of the charity's innovative fundraising methods involves placing clothing banks at various locations where the public can donate clothes and shoes.

These items are then sold in the charity's shop to raise funds for its projects. With future plans to provide stable housing and educational support, AKFC aims to guide homeless young people towards positive, independent living



AK Foundation Charity
AK Foundation Charity