Who We Are

AK Foundation charity (AKFC) is uk based charity registered with uk charity commission (charity no 1143251) launched in 2011, AKFC seeks to promote supporting economic,social and safe development for children by working with local communities and supporting charities working with children.

AKFC provides food parcels to school supporting parents on a low income.

AKFC is working in giving homeless people food, clothes, shoes, warmth and helping them to cope with their unfortunate situation. AKFC is also involved in supporting charities working with children.

Disrupted education,lack of qualifications,victims of crime and debts,abuse at home, mental health issues like depression, anxiety. These are all common issues for homeless young people and can drastically affect their success in staying in education and getting a job.

AKFC Future plans
AKFC seeks to provide a safe warm and stable place to live and that is first crucial step for every homeless young person. We like to tackle mental health issues,teach basic skills and get them back into education and job.This is the recipe for supporting homeless young people into positive and independent living.